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Waved Bob Hairstyle

If you're opting for a shoulder-length bob then you'll want other styling options apart from keeping it straight and sleek. Here’'s one: a longer waved bob with a bit of texture and tousle.

With the bob being generally longer and softer, it's much easier to pull off a waved style with it. While 40s-inspired pin curls are one option, here's one that's more suited to everyday. A casual, textured, beachy wave.

How To Create The Waved Bob

  1. Work in a Maximise Mousse all through the hair, then dry in.

  2. Section off the hair then use your Salon Styler to create some loose, semi-curls (they need to have bend, but not be fully curly). Start curling a few inches down from the roots.
  3. Spray the hair with ghd Sea Spray (or something similar) to create a relaxed, beachy texture.
  4. Finally, blast the hair with a hair dryer to break it up.

creating curls

The key to the look is not to overdo the curls – the more relaxed and understated, the better.