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How To: The Slick Wet Look Ponytail

Sexy-military is a great way to describe Anthony Vaccarello's autumn collection. The sexy yet tough vibe was also reflected on the gelled ponytail or wet look ponytails that the models wore as they strutted down the runway.

The ponytail has been around for ever, and over the years different styles have been incorporated into it. For this autumn, a gelled ponytail is definitely one way to go. One key theme of fashion in autumn is androgyny and this ponytail is one of the easiest yet most beautiful options to get into that trend. This hairstyle is perfect if you want your clothes to make the statement but you still look polished and dressed up. Though very minimalist, it still remains strong and gorgeous.

Slick Wet Look Pony Tail

  1. First things first, part your hair. For the best result, align the part with the highest part or the arch of your eyebrow. This creates a more dramatic side part.
  2. When you are doing this look, it is best to remember that this is done the way boys would fix their hair, so you will have to sweep it the way they do. The best way to do this is by sections: apply gel starting from the roots and then comb it down as you sweep the hair behind your ear. This gives you that slick wet look and prevents you from applying too much gel.
  3. Once you've swept and combed your hair, use a brush too bring it together into a ponytail.
  4. Gelled Slick Pony Tail

  5. Take a small section of that ponytail and spray it with a little bit of hairspray. Make that section of hair go around the elastic band, covering it up completely and then secure it with a bobby pin.
  6. wet look pony tail

  7. Take a straightening iron and iron the ponytail straight to make the look sleeker than it already is.
  8. Spray the ponytail with a little bit of hairspray to avoid frizz and to keep everything in place.
  9. Pony tail models

Now you are ready for a fabulous night out with your slick / wet look ponytail!