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How To: Slick Half Tuck Pony Tail

School-girl with a dark edge is how this elfin hairstyle was described backstage at Sacai. An easy-to-do variation on the season's half-tucked hairstyle, it's got a youthful feel to it that's easy to replicate.

This Slick Half Tuck hairstyle is perfect for the students (or those who want to look like students again) who are looking for a simple hairstyle but with a fierce touch.

This school girlish yet edgy hair is very simple as it lays flat on the head and it fiercely emphasizes your head shape. A variation on the season’s half-tucked hair, this is a very easy style to recreate as it only takes 15 minutes or less of your time. Follow the steps below to achieve this slick, elfin, girlish hairstyle.

  1. With a blow-dry prepping lotion, prep your hair from roots to tips to protect the hair while you are blow drying it. Make sure that the natural texture of your hair is kept.
  2. Slick Half Tuck Pony Tail

  3. Create a centre part in your hair and smooth your hair with a bristle brush at the top. Mid-section, use your hands instead of a brush and blow dry until the end.
  4. Run a hot iron through your hair from mid-length to ends, in sections. Comb hair as you go to get a smooth result.
  5. Clip the hair on either sides of the face and make sure you keep it very flat on top to achieve the spring hairstyle.
  6. Slick Half Tuck Pony Tail

  7. We all hate fly-aways so finishing spray should be spritz on the crown of your head.
  8. Lastly, remove the clips and tuck your hair behind your ears but leave a small section in front of your ears on either side.
  9. Slick Half Tuck Pony Tail

You can always come in and speak to our team about what style you would like to try and we can advise you what would suit your look and the style your going for.