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Hair how to: flowing, side-pinned waves. Flowing waves and bouncy blow dries are in hot demand for spring 2012. Another variation, as spotted on the runway at Sonia Rykiel, sees the '40s collide with the '70s: more relaxed than the former yet more formal than the latter, accessorised with a youthful hair clip.

The seasonal changes in the real world didn’t affect the chirpiness of Sonia Rykiel’s spring collection. Just as the sunshine yellow carpet graced the catwalk, it also reflected the crispness of vanilla-hued clothes. But the prime position was given to the Parisian-styled hair that injected overdue positivity to fashion shows in Paris.

What was previously shunned for being a boring hair-down technique has now been revamped. Thank you, catwalk shows.

Sonia Rykiel is also to be thanked for giving us a new approach to a curled hair blow-dry, one that translates itself to being classic and glamourously chic. As with other hair trends for the year, the side part here isn’t incidental: it’s a deliberate feature to draw attention to. The part is swept tidily across and secured with a hair barrette or pin, adding a youthful touch.

Redken’s Creative Consultant, Guido, gets the inspiration from the ever-so-bubbly designer. “Inspired by Sonia herself – this season the look is a little 1940s meets 1970s, very flirty and pretty. The style is a healthy, bouncy blow-dry” he says.

The How To:

This is the perfect example of a blow dry that can either take you back to your teenage high-school days or transform you into a forties-glamourous-bombshell.

  1. Apply a blow-dry lotion to damp hair (the Redken team used Satinwear 02 Ultimate Blow-dry lotion).

  2. Use a blow dryer to create texture at the roots of your hair. Run your fingers through the strands and lift the roots while blasting hot air towards the scalp.

  3. Once hair is completely dry, create a deep side part.
  4. side Part waves

  5. Spray a curl-enhancing mist all through the hair and use a 1-inch iron to curl your hair. You may also use a curling tong. Guido suggests Hot Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist for this step.

  6. Don’t touch the curls when they’re hot. They need to come down to room temperature in order to get their desired shape.

  7. Flip your hair down and use a paddle brush to comb out the curls. The hair should be smooth.
  8. side Part waves

    Apply some hairspray, if needed.

What to wear it with:

This look is all about the Parisian charm, similar to what was achieved on the Rykiel runway. But you can make the look your own by wearing it to an evening event, teamed with a floor-length silk gown and killer pencil heels. With make-up, go for metallic eyes and soft-pink hue for the lips