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Half tuck hairstyles for 2013

The half-tuck: a simple yet significant hairstyle trend.

Sometimes it's the little things that count... like how your hair is tucked behind your ear. Surprisingly, this little detail can create a number of different looks as the 'half-tuck' becomes the must-know style for the coming season and beyond.

Half Tuck Hair Styles

Sometimes it’s the little things that count. The attention to detail; the finish on a fingernail, the fastening of a button, the way the hair is tucked behind the ear...

You might not even think that the latter is significant enough to be called a hairstyle, let alone a hair trend. But sometimes the biggest trends are defined by the smallest things, and this is one of those times.

Hair tucked behind the ear? No: hair half tucked behind the ear. That’s the important distinction to make as this hairstyle grows with us.

Half-tucked hair: the look

The idea couldn’t be more simple. Rather than tuck hair fully behind the ears, some strands of hair are left in front. It may be a deliberate curl of hair – which gives off a rather 1960s dolly bird vibe – as championed by Miu Miu back on their autumn runway, or it could be a wispy, haphazard section of hair. Slicking the hair back and exposing the ears, while leaving a defined section untucked, also has an elfin magic that fully tucked back hair fails to create.

Half Tuck Miu Miu

Ear jewellery and the half-tuck

A driving force: this is not a stand-alone trend. Ear jewellery has been gathering strength over time, becoming more and more popular in its multitude of forms. We’re not talking about the traditional earring, but rather ear cuffs that wind their way over the length of the ear, or connect with chains from the helix to the lobe. Hand in hand with this newfound love of ear decorations is the necessity for styles that showcase them; the half-tuck being one of the most simple and popular takes.

Half Tuck Ear Cuff

Nadia Giramata in Elle Netherlands, November 2012

Half-tucked hair: variations

Elfin / slicked

On the runway at Sacai for spring, models sported hair that was slicked back behind the ears but with a section slicked straight down in front. The look was elfin, and a little bit like a dark take on a school girl look.

Half Tuck example

Slicked half-tucked hair

Zero Maria Cornejo created a similarly elfin look by tying hair back behind the ears, but leaving set and defined strands in front. The key to the elfin look here was keeping the loose strands in sharp, gelled together shapes

Elfin Half Tuck

Elfin half-tucked hair

Another variation is to give the whole style a wet look.

Half Tuck Wet Look

Wet Look half-tucked hair

Hair tied, not tucked

Hair doesn’t have to be worn out to make this look work. Another variation is not to tuck the hair back but tie it back – and then pull out a few strands at the front.

Half tied hair

Soft half tuck hair

Nonchalant and messy

Last but not least, the half tuck hairstyle can be pulled off with utmost effortlessness. This can give you a tomboyish hairstyle that’s a little bit messy, and very nonchalant.

half tuck messy

Messy half-tuck hair