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How To: Alberta Ferretti's ocean goddess hairstyle

Like Goddesses emerging from the water… That was how Redken Creative Consultant Guido Palau described the models backstage at Alberta Ferretti’s spring show. And for a collection inspired by the sea, what better choice than a wet-look hairstyle? Rather than a slick, smooth combed-back style though, this was a bit textured and rough – waved like the sea itself. “It feels very light and liquid like,” said Guido. And it’s easy enough to create at home – especially for those days when time doesn’t permit a wash and blow-dry.

Wet Look hair model

With wet-look hair still on the list of hair trends, this is a good one to add to your repertoire. Find out the steps for creating the hairstyle below.

  1. Apply a volumiser generously to damp hair. At Alberta Ferretti the team used Redken Guts 10 spray foam.

  2. Comb the hair back away from the face with a wide toothed comb. You want some natural movement and texture in the hair, so take care not to slick it too straight back.

  3. Wet Look Ferretti

  4. To set hair, secure hair behind the ears as well as to the top of the head with clips, keeping the texture as you do this. Let the hair air dry.

  5. Wet Hair Clips

  6. When hair is dry, remove the clips. Apply a finishing spray to hold the shape in place. Backstage at Alberta Ferretti the Redken team used Redken Forceful 23.

  7. If you want a glossy, shiny finish, layer the hair with a product like Redken’s Shine Flash 02.
  8. Ferretti wet hair