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The Waved Flapper Bob

The Waved Flapper Bob

How to wear it now

The 1920s have taken another deep-end dive into the ocean of hairstyles. But, the disciplined finger waves are given a modern update - now with more texture, more tousle and a whole lot of added sexiness.
Flapper Bob Hair Style

Photo by Trendy Crew.

The cut

To state the obvious, the tousled bob will not quite work if you have long hair, so this style is specifically for those who embrace short locks, or even those who like to experiment and surprise themselves. But, Mark Fast and his hair team did take the challenge and made it work for longer hair (see the styling steps below).

If we were to look back at the Flapper era, the traditional cut was always just where the ears ended or slightly above it. It was a clear bob cut. Flapper girls never had their hair long, which also added to androgynous feel of the look.

But when we translate the look, we want to make it look as modern, glamourous and effortless as we can. Since a very short bob demands high maintenance, make this look yours by keeping your hair shoulder length or an inch below the ears.

However, if you do want to experiment with your locks this New Year, then brave the scissors and go with an above the ear cut. But keep in mind that the styling will be a little more time taking and tricky.

The Tools:

To Style this look effectively, you'll need the following tools:

  • Tail comb brush
  • Curling tong
  • Flat iron
  • Curl enhancing cream
  • Working spray
  • Hairspray
  • Lots of pins!

Waved Tousled bob

Finger waved bob

Styling It:

At the Mark Fast spring show, Tigi’s hair team is to be credited for creating the look on the runway. James Pecis shares his styling tips on ways to get the tousled bob at home and making it street-friendly.

  1. The styling for a textured, tousled bob works best on second-day hair. If it’s freshly washed then prep the hair with a working spray and run your fingers through it.

  2. Create a side part and flip the hair on one side. Use a tail comb brush and backcomb the hair around the hairline and the parting. You need to create a cushion around the head for hairpins to grip on. Don’t backcomb around the crown.

  3. Curl relatively large chunks of hair strands on medium heat.

  4. When the hair has come down to room temperature, use a paddle brush to comb out the curls.

  5. Take a flat iron and flatten the area around the hairline by pressing the hair on medium heat. Don’t run your iron over the curls; it’ll loose its shape. Spray some hairspray and set the curls in place.

  6. Finish off with some shine spray, if required.

Flapper Bob