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How To Calvin Klein's Textured side-Part Hair

A Calvin Klein girl, according to Redken’s lead hairstylist, Guido, is “super chic and super urban”. The hair he created for Calvin Klein’s spring show has a little bit of a grungy feel that looks very natural and has that bed head effect to it. The simple style created for the show has a very rich and natural texture with – just like many hairstyles – a deep side part.

This look would perfectly complement an outfit that is sleek and preppy. It is very easy to recreate at home as it is just blow dried using fingers and it is not blown out to look perfectly straight.

Calvin Klein deep side parting

How to: Calvin Klein’s textured side-part hair

  1. To create texture and movement, prep your hair with a volume spray mouse while it’s still damp.

  2. Using just your fingers, blow dry your hair until it is soft and has a natural texture. Remember that your hair does not have to look perfect and shiny as this hairstyle is a little bit urban and casual.

  3. Calvin Klein deep-part

  4. Create a deep left (or right, depending on your best angle) side part using the arch of your eyebrow as a guide.

  5. Apply dry shampoo all over to get rid of excess oil (if your hair is really oily) and add extra texture. The Calvin Klein team used Redken’s Powder Refresh 01.

  6. Lastly, set the look with a finishing spray such as Redken’s Forceful 23 to keep the style in place. Brush through from roots to tips to get a very natural and textured finish.

Calvin Klein Side Part